Pharmacists: Stop the Burnout & Make More Money

Introducing The Concierge TelePractice Solution

Make Your Own Hours | Work from Home

Practice at the Height of Your Profession

Get Paid as a Provider

Life Reimagined as a Pharmacist

The Concierge TelePractice

Provides Personalized Patient Care Solutions for ​Pharmacists

Deliver a new level of care from anywhere

Are you...

  • A pharmacist wanting to earn more money
  • A clinical pharmacist looking to enhance  your role as a healthcare provider
  • A pharmacist experiencing burnout
  • A consulting pharmacist looking for a turnkey solution for your business
  • A pharmacist looking for a way to monetize your clinical skills

As a Side Hustle


We deliver on demand training and instruction to Educate, Empower, and Inspire our pharmacists to become full-fledged providers of valuable health care.

We serve students, pharmacists and schools of pharmacy with unique experiential offerings.

As a Career Path


We provide a suite of direct to consumer cash pay services in collaboration with our strategic partners to put a pharmacist-in-the-box with every product sold.





Build Beyond Yourself

We leverage our press release, podcast and radio campaigns to promote health care solutions that improve patient lives. We help our partners reach the audience that needs their product.



What is Included in the Concierge Telepractice Solution

Leverage the RXVIP Concierge platform to build your career and pharmacy career

Life Reimagined. Are you ready to enhance your career as a pharmacist? Become a health care provider today.

Announcing our Partnership with Diasyst to deliver The Concierge Telepractice Solution to the Pharmacy Profession


    Save time while improving patient care, engagement, and satisfaction. Maximize your revenue and check off some boxes for MACRA/MIPS/QPP: A1c, population management, care coordination, and more. Let us take care of the labor-intensive work so that you can focus on what's most important: your patients. Soon to include Hypertension as well.

  • ABILITY EASE® All-Payer speeds up reimbursements and strengthens revenue with eligibility, claims and remittance management – all in a single system. With the most up-to-date payer rules and real-time eligibility integration, you can achieve a 99% or higher clean claims rate 

  • ABILITY SECUREPAY® is a comprehensive patient payment platform that enables you to accept all forms of payment at any point in the revenue cycle.

  • ABILITY EASE® Medicare automates time-consuming processes and gives more control over revenue cycle management. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get asked

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How does the Pharmacist-in-the-box model work for a pharmacist?

What is the patient experience like?

How do you provide Experiential rotations to Pharmacy Students?

Do I have to be a pharmacy student to attend the academy?

How long have you been doing this concierge service provider business model?

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